On This Day

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On This Day in Tang - January 23


The last mega squab. Double that folds to single... why didn’t I just do two?! Tag: rocket


Summer moments


A very windy visit to scorching bay, so no swimming but rock pool exploring and ice cream.


We went to the weta workshop big exhibition at Te papa over the long weekend. I think it didn't help Iris's love of bugs (she didn't really like the huge models of insects) olive however thought it was great.


Iris is loving the baby at the moment.


Another really hot day. We enjoyed afternoon tea at Lucie & Rory's home. Olive was the oldest kid for a change! Poppy & Olive started to warm to each other while Iris and Jonty charmed everyone. Bring on more sunny days!


Lisa and I braved the circular track into Wilton bush with Rico, Louis, Olive and her soft toy cat(huge as it deserves a mention). They did so well! And we had some yummy lamingtons in the park. Lots of lovely tracks and dog friendly, we will be coming back!


My first step! Hmm now how to get down!


Lyon's new trick - picking up as many toys as possible at one time. His record is three.


Mountgrove Road tiled entrance