On This Day

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On This Day in Tang - May 26


Some workmates and I competed in the annual Tough Guy Challenge event on the weekend consisting of 6k or 12k of running, obstacles, mud, hills and electrified crawl throughs. This year I managed to one up last years placing my coming 2nd overall in the two lap, 12k course. The beard must be helping.


Second kindy drop off went well. Waved to me from the window and no tears! I wonder how Monday will go. Came back to find her on the swing yet again.


A cold start this morning at -1. Olive was a lot better at getting dressed in warm clothes (only wants to wear Tshirts!) but the too small red shoes had to stay. Giraffe skirt stayed at home. - thank goodness!


They have finally arrived! The lounge curtains!!! So excited and thrilled with them! Now just the blinds to come...


So we decided to replace the old (and broken) oven with a flash new one! Thank-you 50 months interest free at Harvey Norman.


Kilkenny Main street