7 July

Andy’s murder mystery 40th 1920s gangster party was a hoot.

5 July

We celebrated iris & Scarlett’s maanaki at playcentre this afternoon. It wa such a different farewell to kindy. More about Whanau and adults getting a chance to speak. It was lovely to see lots of old faces and the past playcentre kids. It really is a small village. Olive and freya welcomed them to their schools with a chocolate necklace and Connie and Tessa farewelled them with a book each. We sung some songs chosen by the girls in te reo and then enjoyed Kai and play.

3 July

Iris did an animal picture for the school science fair and Olive & friends did a save an endangered NZ bird poster.

28 June

Iris’s last Kindy disco until probably next year when Juni starts! Juni danced the most, Olive enjoyed playing outside and Iris was missing in action with her friend Olive.

27 June

Play date with ivy, our two big two years! The Green cafe was great for kids!

27 June

A bit mischievous this morning... very keen on walking everywhere and sometimes backwards. Very slowwwewwww