January 2007, by Gini

We set off to Martinborough with one mission in mind. Wine. Since Wellington wasn’t producing any stunners and we had limited days to show off to Lisa (token Australian sister to be) and Jo (token Pom) what New Zealand is capable off. Alcohol and sun was the obvious choice.

Sure enough the weather was a beamer! With wine around every corner, an easy stroll between vineyards and a few tastes later. We rewarded ourselves with Beef fillets, Mussels and fine wine for lunch from one of the local vineyards, the name escapes me, I wonder why… Once rejuvenated, we hit the road again in search of more vines on the way back to the square. Our final destination and entertainment for the evening was at the Martinborough Hotel in the square, which consisted of more drinking, wine for the girls and beer for the boys, not to mention endless conversation. 11pm concluded our 12 hour wine trail. Not a bad effort even if I do say so myself. So we headed for our borrowed beds for the night which was a mission, some say they saw a shooting star, others think it was just the blurry streetlight, I guess we will never know…

The next day we concluded our Martinborough visit with a good hearty pie (bar me) and headed for Castle point just because we could. Once there we enjoyed an ice block on the beach the way a kiwi summer should be done. g

Showing off the super day

Showing off the super day