Iris our new flower

June 2014, by Gini

We had gone past the due date of the 16th of June 2014, 4 days to be exact. On the evening of the 19th we had dinner and I started to have mild contractions, we popped Olive off to bed at the usual time. From 8.30pm the contractions got a lot stronger until about 11pm, we called in Nan to babysit and she arrived in record time with her duvet in tow. So we made our way to the hospital. Upon arrival we got the bath filled and I jumped straight in (it wasn’t a huge birthing bath like with Olive) which was a lot better. It was all relaxing so much so Tom decided he should have a coffee by the bath. The gas was great as it took the edge off, we also had a trainee midwife who was fantastic as it was nice to have another person in the room. She asked me if I wanted a waterbirth (me thinking that was a bit hippy like) but also not wanting to get out decided to stay put. By 12.40am Iris Ann was born in the water. It was a lot faster the second time around and not so traumatic for all. Iris weighted in at 8 pounds & 6 ounces. After honey toast and a hot drink we said goodbye to Daddy (as he had to get back to Olive and Nan) knowing Nan wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink. So it was just Iris and I for the rest of the night. She feed well from the get go and slept pretty well that night but I was too excited! Tom and Olive joined us in the morning to meet her little sister! She was quite interested and very gentle. She was also a terror running around all the corridors and playing under the curtains. Needless to say they didn’t stay too long. Both sets of grandparents visited over the course of the day and by the end of the day I was ready to go home. However with the antibiotics Iris had she needed to stay in one more night. She didn’t sleep very well that night, so we ended up co sleeping the rest of the night and I was anxious to get home first thing. After a lot of waiting on the nursing staff we signed out and headed home a family of four.