Great Lake Relay

February 2006, by Tom

The Random B@stards were just shy (by mere seconds) of our record, with an amazing time of 13 hours, 49 minutes and 53 seconds. We were placed 103'rd out of 186 teams.

The Great Lake Relay is an amazing event, where teams of between 10 and 18 people take on the 18 legs that make up the 160 KM race. We had 13 members in our team this year, consisting of (from group photo) :

Row 1
Dumb B@stard (Derek), Old Old B@stard (Chris), Swiss B@stard 2 (Phillip), Fat B@stard (Andy), Slow B@stard (Marcus), Lucky B@stard (Max)

Row 2
Poor B@stard (Tom), Cocky B@stard (Anita), Lazy B@stard (Helen), Sexy B@stard (Sarah), Notta B@stard (Gini), Laud B@stard (Flick)

The race for us started at 2am because we are a running team (the walkers start the night before!). The first 5 runners left base camp at 1am and got us off to a flying start. The remaining tream members took off at 5am in the Random B@stards van (thanks to Piggy Packer rentals :). We were both in the van.

From there on, it's just run, run, run, with the team members not running providing support - such as screaming obscenities, providing water, and pointing out good going-bush toilet stops.

Gini's leg - a 5.5km 'Average' leg in difficulty was no difficulty what so ever for her. With the sun having just risen, it was a great time of day for Gini to run the farthest she has ever run before. The pre-race nerves quickly gave way to game face, musicly inspired, determination - despite the sour-face from the apple drink mid-way, and the daunting climb to finish.

Tom's leg
- a 10.6km 'Dangerous' leg was the usual scorching, road melting, dehydration inducing pain-fest. The fourth time Tom has attempted this leg, with this attempt possibly the hottest to date. Still, it was completed in good time, and after an hour or so breather, it was back to support team role.

After the race, we all cleaned up, went to prize giving, and gorged ourselves at a lovely BYO Italian place, before returning home to a much deserved sleep.

What a great weekend! 

Thanks to the Pecks for use of their lovely house as base camp, and thanks to the Turners for the usage of their Peugeot for a comfortable ride there and back. T
Early morning cheers

Early morning cheers

the whole team of B@stards running to the finish!

the whole team of B@stards running to the finish!