Queen Elizabeth Park Camping

January 2016, by Tom

We made it camping! After delaying it a day due to rubbish weather, we had two beautiful days of sunshine. 12 adults and 11.5 children and everyone keen to make it an annual outing.

Queen Elizabeth Park is great - very spacious, a fun playground for the kids including a massive inflatable pillow all the kids absolutely loved. Olive loved hanging out with her boys (Anthony, Ben and Harry) including some river walks, a trip to the beach (too cold for swimming, however) and toasting marshmallows on the coal bbq. 

We decided to have Mum and Olive up one end, and Daddy with Iris up the other end. It worked out quite well except for Iris' early morning starts - 3.30am on the second morning which was a killer, especially as she didn't transfer successfully after an hour buggy walk...

We hope to make this an annual tradition with friends and this second taster of camping with our new tent has definitely given us the camping bug!