Olive & Iris's Ohakune Ice Experience

September 2015, by Gini

We finally got around to going up to Ohakune to catch the last of the spring snow and hang with the oldies. With only two bedrooms we braved sleeping all in the same room which worked well if Iris went to bed first followed by Olive (and me waiting until she was asleep). But it did spark new ideas of bunkbeds….. for a later date.

With only gumboots and one waterproof jumpsuit, tom managed to get hold of another suit for iris and we tired to make her wear goggles with no success. Next year we will have to hire snowboots if we want to stay longer on the snow. It was lovely and warm so no coats were needed.

Olive really enjoyed the sledging, with both mum and dad and Nan and Granddad gave a whirl too. Granddad helped Olive build a snowman with facial features we had to steal from another melted one and mummy sacrificed her beret for the wet little chap and wore a sock for a hat instead. Fashion error.

We just enjoyed hanging with family and going for nice bush walks. It was lovely to share the snow experience with our girls, with many more to come!

On route home we stopped and had a lovely time at Peka Peka beach with a few pastries. Iris was really unsure of the sand texture but warmed up after a while, they both had an awesome time and Mummy collected yet more driftwood for who knows what!

We really should go up more often….