Camping Greytown

January 2017, by Gini

Three nights camping in Greytown with six families (12 adults and 12 kids), what could go wrong?!
Well nothing! it was a success! the weather played ball with it only getting cold during the nights. Must remember that for next time. Camping in NZ is camping for all seasons. We didn't see Olive but for dinners and bedtime as she was having a blast with Anthony and Ben. Iris tailed along with a few interactions with Orsen and of course her favourite Anthony. 

The tent went up without a hitch and we splashed out on an airbed which was amazing. Tom only got to sleep on it once as it was easier if Olive slept next to me for uninterrupted sleep for all. Iris didn't really nap and managed to climb in and out of her portacot no problems (so hoping it sn't repeated at home!) Iris got a little use of her bike and enjoyed trying to keep up with the big boys, Olive's training wheels put her off but hopefully next year it will be a different matter. The playground, which was right next door was a success and a daily visit. They also had an outdoor unheated pool next door which we visited, Olive enjoyed fishing (without getting her head under) for Zac's sinkers. I think the kids just enjoyed checking out each others tents and hanging which made it more relaxing for us. I felt like I didn't see much of Olive during the day as she was happy with the other kids or adults which was so nice to see. Iris at times was frustrating as she would state she needed to toilet but when faced with the toilet changed her mind about 50% of the time.

We fish and chipped the first night, tent made burgers the next and takeaway curry for the last so we weren't really roughing it, so if we stayed longer another time we would have to smarten up! memo to self we need a pantry shelf from Kathmandu!

Not sure about camping with a 6 month yet!